A Clan in Need is a warriors manga. It is the second book in the Ravenpaw's Path Trilogy.

Ravenpaw and Barley have been driven out of their home by a group of vicious cats. Now the two loners turn to ThunderClan, led by Ravenpaw's friend Firestar, for shelter. Firestar promises to help them take back their home as soon as possible, but ThunderClan is in great danger. BloodClan cats have been launching raids on ThunderClan's territory and attacking Clan patrols. Can Ravenpaw and Barley help Firestar and his Clan fight off their enemies, and will they ever be able to get home again?

The cat on the cover is Barley. The cats on the main cover are Barley and Ravenpaw being ambushed by BloodClan cats.

Cover Gallery

  • back cover
  • cover

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