Leader: Firestar-ginger tom with flame colored pelt Apprentice, Bramblepaw
Deputy: Graystripe-long-haired gray tom
Medicine Cat: Cinderpelt-dark gray she-cat
Warriors: Mousefur-small dusky brown she-cat

Dustpelt-dark brown tabby tom

Longtail-pale tabby tom with dark black stripes

Sandstorm-pale ginger she-cat Apprentice, Sorrelpaw

Willowpelt-very pale gray she-cat with unusual blue eyes

Cloudtail-long-haired white tom Apprentice, Rainpaw

Brackenfur-golden brown tabby tom

Thornclaw-golden brown tabby tom Apprentice, Sootpaw

Ashfur-pale gray (with darker flecks) tom, dark blue eyes

Apprentices: Bramblepaw-dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Sorrelpaw-tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with amber eyes

Rainpaw-dark gray tom with blue eyes

Sootpaw-lighter gray tom with amber eyes

Queens: Ferncloud-pale gray with darker flecks she-cat, green eyes

Brightheart-white she-cat with ginger patches


Goldenflower-pale ginger she-cat

Frostfur-beautiful white she-cat with blue eyes

Dappletail-once-pretty tortoiseshell she-cat

Speckletail-pale tabby, and the oldest nursery queen

One-eye-pale gray she-cat, the oldest cat in ThunderClan, virtually blind and deaf

  • It should be noted that Spiderkit, Shrewkit, Whitekit, Leafkit, and Squirrelkit all make an appearance in this book, but are not included in the formal allegiances list.


Leader: Blackstar-large white tom with huge jet-black paws
Deputy: Russetfur-dark ginger she-cat
Medicine Cat: Littlecloud-very small tabby tom
Warriors: Oakfur-small brown tom Apprentice, Tawnypaw
Apprentices: Tawnypaw-N/A*
Elders: Runningnose-small gray-and-white tom, formerly the medicine cat


Leader: Tallstar- elderly black-and-white tom with a very long tail
Deputy: Mudclaw-mottled dark brown tom
Medicine Cat: Barkface-short-tailed brown tom
Warriors: Webfoot-dark gray tabby tom

Tornear-tabby tom

Onewhisker-brown tabby tom

Runningbrook-light gray she-cat

Queens: Ashfoot-gray queen

Morningflower-tortoiseshell queen

Whitetail-small white she-cat


Leader: Leopardstar-unusually spotted golden tabby she-cat
Deputy: Mistyfoot-gray she-cat with blue eyes
Medicine Cat: Mudfur-long-haired light brown tom
Warriors: Blackclaw-smoky black tom

Heavystep-thickset tabby tom

Stormfur-dark gray tom with amber eyes

Feathertail-light gray she-cat with blue eyes

Queens: Mosspelt-tortoiseshell she-cat

Ancient SkyClan

Leader: Cloudstar-pale gray tom with white patches and very pale blue eyes
Deputy: Buzzardtail-ginger tom with green eyes
Medicine Cat: Fawnstep-light brown tabby she-cat
Warriors: Fernpelt-dark brown tabby she-cat

Mousefang-sandy-colored she-cat

Nightfur-black tom

Apprentices: Oakpaw-gray tabby tom
Queens: Birdflight-light brown tabby she-cat with long, fluffy fur and amber eyes

Ancient ThunderClan

Leader: Redstar-dark ginger tom
Deputy: Seedpelt-gray she-cat with darker flecks
Medicine Cat: Kestrelwing-dark brown tabby tom
Warriors: Nettleclaw-gray tabby tom with dark gray stripes

Ancient WindClan

Leader: Swiftstar-dark gray tom
Deputy: Milkfur-creamy white tom
Medicine Cat: Larkwing-silver-and-black tabby she-cat
Warriors: Hareflight-light brown she-cat

Ancient RiverClan

Leader: Birchstar-light brown tabby she-cat
Deputy: Sloefur-black she-cat
Medicine Cat: Icewhisker-silver-gray tom
Warriors: Foxclaw-russet-colored tom

Ancient ShadowClan

Leader: Dawnstar-creamy brown she-cat
Deputy: Snaketail-brown tabby tom
Medicine Cat: Molepelt-small black tom
Warriors: Hollowbelly-black-and-white tom

Modern SkyClan

Skywatcher (Sky) - very old dark gray tom with pale blue eyes

Leafdapple - brown-and-cream tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Sharpclaw - dark ginger tom

Patchfoot - black-and-white tom

Shortwhisker - dark brown tabby tom

Rainfur - light gray tom with dark gray flecks

Clovertail - light brown she-cat with white belly and legs

Petalnose - pale gray she-cat

Echosong - silver tabby she-cat with green eyes

Sparrowpaw - dark brown tabby tom

Cherrypaw - tortoiseshell she-cat

Rockkit - black tom

Sagekit - pale gray tom

Mintkit - gray tabby she-cat

Bouncekit - ginger tom

Tinykit - small white she-cat

Cats Outside Clans

Barley- black-and-white tom that lives on a farm close to the forest

Ravenpaw- sleek black cat who lives on the farm with Barley, formerly of ThunderClan

Smudge- plump, friendly black-and-white kittypet that lives in a house at the edge of the forest

Hattie- pretty brown tabby kittypet who lives in Firestar's former home

  • It should be noted that Stick, Cora, Coal, Snowy, Shorty, Oscar, Bella, Rose, Lily, Tangle, and Lichen are all Clanless cats who appear in this volume but are not listed in the formal allegiances.

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