"We have come to help you, not to harm you. You have come for your kits; we will help you rescue them."
Ashfur offering help to ThunderClan in Into the Wild, page 255
UWCW ashfur

Ashfur is a thin gray tom

Current: ShadowClan

Status: Dead

Residence: Unknown

Current: Elder


Kit- Ashkit

Apprentice- Ashpaw

Warrior- Ashfur

Elder- Ashfur


In the Original Series

Into the Wild

Ashfur is a ShadowClan elder.

Yellowfang asks for his and the other elders' help to save ThunderClan's kits. When they first meet the ThunderClan cats, Ashfur tells them that ShadowClan has come to help them, and that they would help rescue the kits. Whitestorm is doubtful, and asks what was in it for ShadowClan. Ashfur tells him that they wanted to get rid of Brokenstar, because he had turned from the warrior code and caused ShadowClan to suffer. Runningwind says it might not be easy, but Ashfur tells him that ShadowClan wouldn't resist them much. Yellowfang then interjects and introduces Ashfur to the ThunderClan cats.

Ashfur explains to the ThunderClan patrol that the old and sick in ShadowClan are slowly starving, and the causalities among the kits are more than they can cope with. Darkstripe wonders how ShadowClan can seem so strong. Ashfur explains that Brokenstar has surrounded himself with strong, fearsome warriors that would die for him without question. The other warriors obey him only because they are afraid of him and his followers, and won't stay with him if he no longer has the advantage.

Later, Graypaw asks if ShadowClan eats crowfood, and Ashfur explains Brokenstar used the warriors for fighting, not hunting, and that they ate whatever they could find. Ashfur then helps Yellowfang investigate the attack, and begins wrestling one of Brokenstar's warriors.

After the battle, ShadowClan is restored, and the warriors thank ThunderClan for their help.

Fire and Ice

Ashfur does not formally appear in Fire and Ice, but is listed in the allegiances.

Forest of Secrets

Ashfur does not formally appear in Forest of Secrets, but is listed in the allegiances.

Rising Storm

Ashfur does not appear in the allegiances, nor in the book. It is likely and suspected that, when ShadowClan began hunting rats from the Carrionplace out of starvation, Ashfur caught the deadly sickness from the rats and died from it.

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