Crowfeather and Leafpool first showed minor hints of attraction towards each other. Leafpool's mentor, Cinderpelt, could sense this about Leafpool even though she denied it. The only thing keeping them from having a relationship was the fact that they were from different clans and Leafpool was training to become a medicine cat. In Starlight, during a battle, Crowfeather saved Leafpool from falling over the edge of the Hollow and admitted to loving her. In Twilight the two began meeting secretly. The only other two cats that knew about their relationship was Squirrelflight and Cinderpelt. Cinderpelt did everything in her power to keep Leafpool from seeing Crowfeather, only because she knew she was going to die and she wanted Leafpool to be there. She didn't tell this to Leafpool because she wanted Leafpool to truely want to be a medicine cat with her heart, not just because Cinderpelt was going to die. Leafpool and Crowfeather later ran away together, but Leafpool's dreams were haunted with visions of badgers attacking ThunderClan. The two later returned to help ThunderClan from the badgers but were not in time to save Cinderpelt. Leafpool decided to stay because she had to be her clan's medicine cat. Crowfeather later took a mate, Nightcloud, and they had a son, Breezepelt. He only did this to prove his loyalty. Crowfeather and Leafpool did have three kits, Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze, who were raised by Leafpool's sister Squirrelflight and Bramblestar. In The Last Hope, Crowfeather stated he didn't regret falling in love (meaning with Leafpool).

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