Erin Hunter Chat Two took place in 2006

Information revealed

  • In the allegiances, they only show the full list for ThunderClan
  • Sootfur and Rainwhisker had Cloudtail and Longtail as mentors, but when Longtail was blinded, Thornclaw took over
  • You will find out in the first book in Power of Three who the new deputy is
  • When Squirrelflight was with Ashfur, she wasn't intentionally making Brambleclaw jealous
  • Speckletail and Frostfur most likely died and went to StarClan
  • Before he was with Ferncloud, Dustpelt wanted Sandstorm as a mate
  • Longtail will have a significant part in The Sight
  • Brightheart is respectful of Cloudtail's lack of faith in StarClan
  • Vicky and Cherith's favorite pairing is Brightheart and Cloudtail
  • (At the time of the chat) Firestar might have six lives left
  • Cloudtail still doesn't believe in StarClan
  • The cat on the cover of Starlight is Leafpool
  • Graystripe has a darker stripe of fur down his spine
  • Firestar's mother probably isn't aware that he became a wild cat
  • When Bluestar said "Blood will rule the forest" she meant everything would end in bloodshed and there would be a terrible battle
  • Bluestar's original name was Bluestone
  • The most fun part for Vicky to write was Tigerstar's death
  • If Cherith could bring any cat back to life, it would be either Whitestorm or Yellowfang
  • Vicky's favorite characters are, Brambleclaw, Cloudtail, Ravenpaw, Kate's is Yellowfang, and Cherith's are Brambleclaw, Dustpelt, and Leafpool
  • If Vicky could be a warriors cat she would be Squirrelflight, Leafpool, or Ravenpaw
  • Graystripe will have a manga trilogy about his journey back to the clans and will return to ThunderClan
  • Vicky thinks that Rowanclaw should've been female
  • The cat on the cover of Moonrise is Feathertail
  • BloodClan had always lived in Twolegplace
  • BloodClan will most likely not reappear
  • There is no specific heirarchy to StarClan
  • In later books, the tribe will return
  • In Power of Three the tribe will be seen again
  • (At the time of the chat) Barley and Ravenpaw are still alive
  • Ravenpaw is not going to rejoin ThunderClan
  • There will be a siamese kittypet in Firestar's Quest
  • Cherith and Vicky's favorite book is the Darkest Hour
  • The title "Twilight" refers to a cat's life coming to an end
  • Forest of Secrets, A Dangerous Path, and The Darkest Hour were written by Cherith, Into the Wild, Fire and Ice, and Rising Storm were written by, Kate
  • In Power of Three there will be a new prophecy
  • Secrets of the Clans isn't going to be any longer than the regular books
  • Kate wrote the first book of Power of Three which will feature a new generation of ThunderClan cats
  • Secrets of the clans will have a ceremony list and herbs list, and black and white pictures
  • Firestar's quest is set in between, The Darkest Hour and Midnight
  • Cherith found it hard to write the end of Moonrise
  • There is a female main character in Power of Three
  • 12 months passed in between The Darkest Hour and Midnight
  • Only Kate and Cherith will write the books in Power of Three
  • Erin Hunter will have another series of books
  • Originally, queens meant any female cat but was later changed to just mothers nursing kits and other female cats were changed to she cats
  • If the authors were clan cats Vicky would be in WindClan, Kate would be in RiverClan and Cherith would be in ThunderClan, Kate would also want to be leader
  • Cherith and Kate have never met
  • There are no plans for a warriors movie

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