Lionblaze and Cinderheart became very good friends after Hollyleaf's "death". They would go out on midnight runs. Lionblaze had always wanted to be more than friends with her but had never had the courage to ask her to be his mate. On one midnight run they had officially become mates. Being mates didn't last long. Lionblaze felt guilty about lying to her so he told her about the prophecy. Cinderheart felt his power was too great and broke up with him. They still remained friends after this. They both still seem to have feelings for each other. Leafpool has told Lionblaze that she thinks she still loves him. Cinderheart had even expressed interest in having kits. When Cinderheart learned of her past life as Cinderpelt, she decided to embrace that and be more of a medicine cat. During The Last Hope, Lionblaze purposely attacked and lost to a ShadowClan patrol to prove to her that destinies didn't matter. Shortly after, Cinderheart chose the life of a warrior and Lionblaze, letting Cinderpelt's spirit free. They were mates again after this. It was revealed that in the future the two have kits together.

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