Owlstar is a dark gray tom with large amber eyes

Current: ThunderClan

Status: Deceased

Residence: StarClan

Rank: Leader

Age: unknown


Kit: Owlkit (assumed)

Apprentice: Owlpaw

Warrior: Owleyes

Deputy: Owleyes

Leader: Owlstar


Education: unnamed mentor (he was seen as an apprentice, meaning he had a mentor)

Apprentice: unknown apprentices (he became deputy and every deputy must have at least one apprentice)


In the Field Guide Series

Secrets of the Clans

He is seen as an apprentice out at night. He is watching the owl in the Owl Tree. He follows it while it hunts revealing how to hunt at night, he becomes the best hunter in ThunderClan.

When Thunder's first deputy, Lightningtail, dies, Owleyes becomes his new deputy, and later becomes leader.

He later appears when Mosskit goes to StarClan. He asks Moonflower what would've happened if Bluestar had stayed in the nursery and raised her and Thistleclaw had become deputy. He approves Snowfur's decision to take care of Mosskit.

He is mentioned to be one of the oldest spirits of StarClan.

Code of the Clans

Owlstar is against Featherstar's decision to add no outsiders can join the clans to the Warrior Code. There are rumors he had Kittypet ancestry. Leafpool states this is false and that he sees that the clans will be weak if cats that are not forestborn are removed from all clans. Owlstar insists that as long as a cat is loyal they should be allowed to stay.

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