Pearnose is a brown tabby she cat

Current: ThunderClan

Status: Deceased (assumed) Cause of Death: unknown

Residence: StarClan (assumed)

Rank: Medicine Cat

Age: Unknown


Kit: Pearkit (assumed)

Medicine cat apprentice: Pearpaw (assumed)

Medicine Cat: Pearnose


Apprentice: Fallowpaw

Medicine Cat PositionEdit

Preceded by-unknown (previous medicine cat)

Succeeded by-Fallowpaw (assumed)


In the Field Guide SeriesEdit

Battles of the ClansEdit

Pearnose is an ancient ThunderClan medicine cat. She is medicine cat during the time Morningstar was leader.

She is trying to treat a wound on the deputy Leafstorm. She tells Morningstar that she fears Leafstorm has greencough. She tells him that Leafstorm shouldn't have gone to the gathering or to WindClan and she needs to rest.

Later Pearnose is seen upset about the fact the Leafstorm died.

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