Here I am going to grieve especially for the cats who were killed in the final battle with the dark forest.







and Spottedleaf

Here I will mourn for other dead and favorite cats who didn't die in the final battle

Adderfang, Adderkit, Ashfur (SC), Badgerpaw, Barkface, Birdflight, Blossomkit, Bluestar, Brambleberry, Braveheart,Brightflower, Brightsky, Brightspirit, Brindleface, Cinderpelt, Cloudstar, Crookedstar, Dappletail, Deadfoot, Dove's Wing, Eaglekit, Echomist,Fallen Leaves, Fawnstep, Feathertail, Featherwhisker, Flametail, Frostfur, Fuzzypelt, Goldenflower, Gorseclaw, Gorsepaw, Graypool, Hailstar, Half Moon, Halftail, Heavystep (maybe he's alive AGAIN! Refern to my page for info on that), Hollykit, Honeyfern, Jay's Wing, Larchkit,Larksong, Leopardfoot, Leopardstar (a lot of people like her so..)Lion's Roar, Lionheart, Longtail, Marshkit, Minnowkit (CP), Mistkit (TC), Molepaw, Moonflower, Morningflower, Morningkit, Mosskit, Mosspaw, Mudfur, Mumblefoot, Nightkit, Nightstar, Oakheart, One-eye, Patchpelt, Poppydawn, Raggedstar, Rainfur, Rainwhisker, Redtail, Rippletail, Robinwing (TC), Rosetail, Runningkit, Runningnose, Runningwind, Russetfur (some people liked her so,), Shellheart, Shiningheart, Shrewpaw, Silverstream, Skywatcher, Smallear, Smallkit, Smokepaw, Sneezepaw, Snowfur, Snowkit, Sootfur, Speckletail, Splashkit, Spottedpelt, Stonefur, Sunfish,Sunstar, Sweetpaw, Swiftbreeze, Swiftpaw, Tadpole, Tallstar, Tawnyspots, Thrushpelt, Tumblekit, Volepaw, Weedwhisker, Whitestorm, Willowbreeze, Willowkit, Willowpelt, Windflight, Wolfkit, and Yellowfang

Here I will mourn for the favorite cats who lived, but we can't expect to see again

Amberkit, Applefur, Ashfoot, Barley,Berrynose (I'm think since I'm doing the rest of ThunderClan) Billystorm, Birchfall, Birdpaw, Blossomfall, Bouncefire, Brackenfur, Bramblestar, Briarlight, Brightheart, Brook, Bumblestripe, Cherrypaw, Cherrytail, Cinderheart, Cloudtail, Clovertail, Crag, Creekfeather, Crowfeather, Daisy (I'm doing all of ThunderClan okay) Dawnpelt, Dewkit (both SC and TC), Dovewing, Dustpelt, Ebonyclaw, Echosong, Fallowfern, Firekit, Foxleap, Frecklewish, Fuzz!!!, Graystripe, Harrykit, Hazeltail, Heathertail (a lot of people like her Cinder....), Honeypaw, Hutch, Icecloud, Ivypool, Jayfeather, Kestrelflight, Lark, Leafpool, Leafstar, Lilykit, Lionblaze, Littlecloud, Millie, Minnowtail, Mintfur (SC), Mistkit (SC), Molepaw, Mosspelt, Mothwing, Mousewhisker, Nettlesplash, Night, Patchfoot, Petalfur, Petalnose, Pine, Plumwillow, Poppyfrost, Princess, Purdy, Rabbitleap, Ravenpaw, Reedwhisker, Rockshade,Rosepetal, Rowanclaw, Sagefur, Sandstorm, Sandypaw, Sasha, Sedgewhisker, Seedkit, Smudge, Snowkit, Sorreltail, Sparrowkit, Sparrowpelt, Spiderleg (all of thunderclan), Squirrelflight, Stormfur, Stormkit, Tallpoppy, Talon, Tawnypelt, Thornclaw, Tigerheart, Tinycloud, Toadstep, Violet, Waspwhisker, Whitetail, Whitewing, and Willowshine

And to the founding leaders





and Sky